Kim Sang-In

Moon Vase


An emblem of traditional Korean culture, the moon vase is formed in two bowl-shaped halves, which are carefully joined before firing. The dimensions of these hand thrown vases are the smallest that can be considered a true moon vase. The small flecks and dots in the surface are caused by the natural minerals present in the local Korean clay. In Korea, moon vases are often used to store food, but are also regarded as art objects in their own right.


Dimensions: W 21.5cm, H 19.0 cm

Diameter opening 10.5cm


Material: White Clay 


Shipping & Packaging:

We offer free global express shipping, with tracking, on all orders. The moon vase is placed in a box with protective tissue paper inside, and wrapped in Korean hanji paper, a traditional paper handmade from Mulberry bark.



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