Yoon-Young Hur is a ceramic artist based in Seoul and New York. Inspired by the full breadth of Korean ceramic history, from ancient earthenware to the white porcelain of the Joseon dynasty, her pieces, wheel thrown and fired by hand in Seoul, both preserve and reinterpret this cultural heritage.



Yoon-Young Hur

Hur studied fine arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and went on to study architecture at The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture at Cooper Union. Her approach to design, process and practice is grounded in these disciplines: "My education in art and architecture has become part of me," she says. "In that sense, it is inseparable from my practice." Consequently, to fully consider an artwork's setting deeply inspires her.

In the series Hur has created for Francis Gallery, titled "The Archive," each piece takes a traditional form, such as a moon jar or a funerary urn. The milky interior glaze crackles during the firing process, creating a fragile yet dynamic pattern. For Hur, it is reminiscent of an egg hatching, suggesting a sense of "becoming and birthing." The exteriors are unglazed, and reflect the distinctive tones and textures of the surrounding Bath stone. "The raw stoneware is a celebration of the clay's original nature and innate quality," says Hur. "With the exterior left bare and neutral, the viewer is also free to discern the effects of the ever-changing environment in which the object dwells.”