Multidisciplinary artist Romy Northover‘s line drawings are ethereal and fluid. “Making the line integrate and allowing it to become something requires delicacy and dexterity,” she says. “It’s a dance.”


Multidisciplinary Artist

Romy Northover

Multidisciplinary artist Romy Northover characterises her work as “ancient future.” Working in a range of materials from ceramics, stone and glass to installation and drawing, Northover examines the interaction between the body and space, and strives to uncover our intrinsic connection with nature through a shared experience. 

Northover fell in love with ceramics for their “grounding” quality as a teenager, and went on to train with British ceramicist Celia Allen before completing a BA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. In 2010, after several years travelling, she moved to New York where she rekindled her passion for ceramics and opened her studio, NO. The simplicity and functional beauty of her pieces, combined with her lightness of touch, render them timeless and covetable, and she has created pieces for Calvin Klein, The Line and Alex Eagle, among others.

Following a move to Jersey City, the concepts of reduction and economy have recently emerged in Northover’s work. Her beautifully stark line drawings, made with black ink and a pipette dropper, embody the medium’s potential for intimacy and weightlessness. Each drawing is deliberate and sculptural, tracking Northover’s movements as she guides the ink, a careful balance between holding back and letting go. “It’s a more ethereal form than ceramics, and more fluid,” she says. “Making the line integrate and allowing it to become something requires delicacy and dexterity: it’s a dance.”