Kim Sang-In creates his pieces with regular use in mind: “My goal is for people to find moments of happiness in day to day life through my work.”


Kim Sang-In

Kim Sang-In is a Korean ceramic artist. Known by his artistic moniker Haeinyo, Kim hand throws ceramic pieces in his studio on the outskirts of Seoul. From small teacups to vases and stacking vessels, the attraction of his pieces lies in their methodical simplicity. The octagonal surfaces seem to shift in the light; a soft white with a subtle blue tone steadily turns to darker greys across each plane. Rounded inside, and finished with a protective glaze, the ceramics are designed for regular use: “My goal is for people to find moments of happiness in day to day life through my work,” Kim explains. 

Kim completed an MA in design at Chung-Ang University in Seoul, and splits his time between his studio and the university, where he now teaches. Inspired by the shapes of traditional 14th century ceramics from the Joseon Dynasty, and formed from local clay, Kim’s work is unequivocally of Korea. Upon close inspection, tiny flecks beneath the glaze attest to the natural minerals that have bubbled to the surface during the firing process.

There is an openness and freedom to Kim’s ceramics. Beyond gently highlighting the utility of his pieces, he avoids imposing his thoughts or feelings upon the beholder: “I want people to assign their own meaning to each piece,” he says. “I wish to provide people with an empty vessel - both literally and figuratively — into which they can pour in their particular emotions, thoughts, and purpose."