By considering the space and its contents as a seamless whole, Rigby offers his clients a functional and cohesive vision, expressing their brand’s essential values through his natural aesthetic sensibility.

Furniture & Interior Designer

Fred Rigby

Fred Rigby is a furniture and interior designer based in London. He grew up in the Dorset countryside and spent his childhood creating things in the fields around his home, before going on to study Product and Furniture Design at Kingston University, London. He has since designed interiors for former menswear shop Anthem, in London’s Calvert Avenue; Villa Lena, a hotel in the Tuscan countryside; and Michelin-starred restaurants Ellory and Leroy, to name a few.

When creating interiors, Rigby begins by tracing an envisioned journey through the space, positioning furniture, doors and walls accordingly. “I am interested in how people interact with a space, and how it makes them feel,” he says. "This could be something as structural as adjusting the height of the ceilings, or something as specific as the material of the nails holding the furniture together.”

In parallel to this approach, Rigby works in a tactile manner when creating furniture, sketching designs by hand, and creating physical models in order to study the designs from various perspectives. When creating the Curve Table for the Francis x Fred Rigby furniture collection, Rigby drew the shape by hand, directly onto the planked oak. “I found the organic, fluid shape I wanted for the table could only be achieved by a hand-drawn line,” says Rigby. “I wanted it to feel like a pebble, shaped naturally by the sea.”