Artist Luce


This series by Romy Northover is the result of a personal journey, making and interacting with an everyday object, and investigating the refractive, reflective and transmissive properties of glass. By slightly amplifying the objects’ proportions, Northover subtly alters what is perceived and felt, offering the possibility to experience something familiar with greater nuance and refinement.



The work negotiates the complex interplay of transparent and transient qualities that Northover associates with the soul, and the weighted experience of existing and being solid. “Emptiness and stillness can be a pool for energetic development,” says Northover. “I find the alchemy of the glassblowing process fascinating for its metaphorical references to creation: red hot molten liquid being formed and crafted in air to reveal a transparent form. We all go through these intense reforming moments in our lives.”




Words: Ruth Ainsworth

Photos: Say Collie