Rosemarie Auberson A Mark of a Lighter Purple

A Mark of a Lighter Purple is Francis Gallery’s first solo exhibit, featuring the work of Paris-based painter Rosemarie Auberson. Sometimes informed by images and photographs, sometimes working in a purely non-representational manner, Auberson paints on wood panel or paper. Her paintings balance gestural freedom and restraint; thick, textural brush strokes in acrylic and gesso take on sculptural depth, and bold, earthy blocks of colour contrast with soft shades of lilac and purple.


A Mark of a Lighter Purple is the first exhibit of her work in the United Kingdom. “I usually create paintings especially for a show, and present them as a new, self-contained body of work,” says Auberson. “This is the first time I have placed existing pieces alongside the new collection. My interest is always in how the paintings respond to one another.”  


The title of the show arose from Auberson’s translation into English of an inspiring passage in La Jalousie (1957) by Alain Robbe-Grillet, which describes the change in colour wrought on an interior by the light at dusk. “In this book, scenes are rendered almost as paintings or film stills,” she says. “Each visual element is dissected and attended to, whether it’s a shape, a colour, or the qualities of light and shadow.”

In the changing light that floods through Francis Gallery’s windows, Auberson’s works take on additional qualities. Contoured brush strokes seem to build, while purples and violets shift between subtler and more vivid hues.